Monday, February 4, 2008


Music production is much more than fruity loops. I mean, frutiy loop is for creatng beats. if u want to be a producer, u need to have a passion for it. Trust me, there already big prooducers in town that trying to think big and start big ill run u down. You need to be a master in what u choose to do, i cal it passion.

Also, u need to understand music itself( i don't mean that u must study music ooooo), infact what i mean is that u need to have a good hear for music. You get that sorted by listening to good songs like "Storm is over" by r.kelly, "african queen" by tuface idibia, and other ones that are very very good. The list is endless.
Also, u need to invest money into it. you'll definitely need to buy hardwares and softwares. You need a computer ( a mac/high end PC with at least 1.8 ghz, 512 MB/1GIG, with sound card and PCI slot as well as I/o. u need a sequencer software, a mic preamp, a keyboard( trust me, u need a MIDI Keyboard controller. THe midi keyboard is called Musical instrument digital interface, and it creates a (1) and (0) binary musical notation unto a computer. which can be editted on the sequencer into a perfect keyboard production. You need a soundcard with low latency as well, u need condenser mics as well as a soft syntheszer. You need a drum machine as well like fruity loops e.t.c to create your beats.

There is an extensive list. but those are the basics u need. You can also check for more info. If others are ready to go on. lets dedicate this thread to music production. I avent prouce any music at all. I am planning to do that with my church youth choir ( since we can't afford to pay 150 pounds per session in a recording studio.


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True talk bro! This site sure rocks! By the way, I'm a producer. Naija representa!

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thanks a lot for the information above i really found it helpful


thanks all for your comments,and to the anonymous producer above send your contact information to lets see what we can do.

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